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What you can expect

Our therapists like to use their hands and their minds to create exercise programs that incorporate your personality into the exercises. Exercises that provide the strengthening the patient needs but makes it a little more fun for you is what we are after. Our therapists are well versed in adapting exercise programs to utilize every day items in your own home to provide you with the strengthening you need.  Whether it is a can of soup or gravity assisted exercises using your own body weight, a slightly different approach to the exercises has been shown to produce better follow through and outcomes.   

Benefits of Mobile Pt


The therapist comes to you, no arranging for transportation, no waiting rooms.

The patient is relieved of the often stressful burden of arranging transportation and having to depend others to get you to your therapy session.

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Home environment

By bringing the therapist into your home, the PT is directly able to see the home environment and adapt and change the plan accordingly.

The therapist can look at your home and make any recommendations to your environment to make it easier to navigate. Our therapists are trained to perform therapy in a variety of settings and are able to utilize the tools they bring to you and in your own home to make your life easier.

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Maximizing Results

Few people love going to the gym. Our therapists inject some fun into your exercises, tailoring it to your interests and lifestyle.

Our therapists tap into their creativity in order to maximize your function, strength and balance in a fun manner. By getting to know the patient in their own environment, exercises become less of a chore and easier to follow. It has been shown that follow through on exercise programs improve with this approach.

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undivided attention

Your therapist is dedicated to your treatment while with you, no other distractions or patients to worry about during your appointment.

Your 1:1 session with your therapist will be free from distractions, phone calls and other patients.  This will allow your therapist to be completely present with your clinical program and tailoring it to your every need.  This approach has been shown to increase follow through with the exercise program. 

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No Additional Cost

There is no additional cost when compared to a traditional therapy clinic, insurance and Medicare costs are identical to a traditional clinic.

Just as in an outpatient PT clinic, Medicare covers 80% of your treatment session and if you have a supplemental insurance, the remaining 20% is covered. Your insurance plan, similarly, covers Mobile Therapy just as a normal outpatient visit.

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