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Working Together

Same Techniques, Different Location.

Taylor Mobile Therapy is here to work with providers to bring personalized care to the patient's environment.

Benefits of Mobile Pt


The therapist comes to the patient, no arranging for transportation, no waiting rooms.

In some cases, a patient may be ready for outpatient PT, however, he or she may not have the ability to travel to PT several times per week to continue their rehab. Unfortunately, the patient may forgo or reduce their PT visits which hampers their progress.  Mobile PT removes this burden and allows the patient to receive PT in their own home. This reduces the missed visits and increases adherence to the prescribed therapy program, improving overall outcomes.

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Home environment

By placing the therapist in the patient’s home, we are able to see the patient function in their own natural environment. 

Therapists look at things from a different perspective and may be able to hone in on one or two subtle changes in the home environment that may make it easier for the patient to be safe and prevent functional declines. PT clinics can be stressful for some individuals and by removing that stressor, the patient can focus on the task at hand, particularly if anxiety or other disorders are present. 

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Maximizing Results

Our therapists are results driven. 

Healthcare is moving towards better results for lower cost. We focus on obtaining objective data weekly to demonstrate progress or alter the plan of care. The home environment forces the therapists to be more creative in order to obtain those results. Our focus is moving the patient through the health care continuum to maximize their outcomes and safety, allowing the patients to lead healthier, stronger lives after their medical episode.

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undivided attention

Less patients per day allows the therapists to focus more on each patient they have. 

Having less patients and distractions allows the therapists to spend their time crafting the plan of care specifically for the patient. On average, mobile therapists spend more 1:1 time with their patients which allows the therapists to be more attentive to the patients needs.  With this 1:1 attention, less distractions and less patients per day, the focus becomes the patients and maximizing outcomes. 

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No Additional Cost

There is no additional cost when compared to a traditional therapy clinic. 

Insurance and Medicare costs are identical to a traditional clinic. Medicare and most insurance companies view Mobile Therapy just as an outpatient clinic with the same reimbursement, regulations and oversight. 

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