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Focused on Our Patients

Mobile Therapy is a recent, but widely regarded healthcare delivery program. It brings the therapist to the patient rather than requiring the patient to travel to the therapy clinic. It closes the delivery gap where insurers, including Medicare, will pay for treatment, but not for getting the patient to the treatment center.

We are out to fill the void for many patients that need outpatient PT but have a hard time getting to the PT clinic. All therapists in this community want our patients to have wonderful outcomes and maximize their function after an injury. However, there is a crack in our system that Mobile Therapy can fill.  There are times when patients can benefit from therapy, however, either logistically or realistically cannot make it into the PT clinic.  Mobile Therapy fills this crack and brings the therapist to you, allowing you to gain the strength you need to continue your progression. 

Home Health is able to provide, on average, two PT visits per week to assist a patient in improving their function.  Mobile Therapy is able to create a treatment plan that can provide up to five visits per week, allowing for a more rapid return to high functional levels. 

We Come to You


For seniors who live in their own home and are in need of outpatient PT services, they currently must drive to a local PT clinic to receive treatment. There are a number of seniors who do not have the ability to drive due to medical complications/restrictions or simply do not have the capability of driving 2-3 times/wk to a local clinic. Mobile Therapy brings the therapist to the patients home and removes the burden of transportation from the patient.


Lower Cost

The current Health Care climate in the US is moving towards an expectation of improved patient outcomes with a lower cost. After a hospitalization, numerous studies have shown that Physical Therapy can provide a more rapid improvement in function, strength and balance to allow a patient to live in their own environment.

Maximize Health

Maximize Function

We can do better in Health Care and Mobile Therapy is but one way to help all of our community members maximize their health and function. Allowing everyone to reach their goals is a priority.

Benefits of Mobile Therapy

The therapists we employ have years of experience with aging adults, whether it be in Skilled Nursing, Home Health or Outpatient. Our therapists bring those same techniques and knowledge to your home to maximize your recovery.  Our therapists’ passion is working with seniors, allowing them to lead strong, confident, functional lives!

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Otago Therapy

Otago is a program that was developed in New Zealand and proven to reduce falls between 35 to 40%.  Approximately 1 in 4 US residents older than 65 years-old report falling each year. Falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional deaths worldwide thus the cost to society and to the healthcare system is staggering. 

All therapists incorporate the Otago Exercise Program when clinically appropriate. The Otago program is a series of strength and balance exercises that have been shown to decrease falls up to 40% for older adults. Approximately 1 in 4 US residents older than 65 years old report falling each year. Falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional deaths worldwide thus the cost to society and to the healthcare system is staggering. Of those that sustain a hip fracture, the mortality rate within one year has been shown to be as high as 27%. As the only Otago certified therapist in the area, I am excited to bring this regimen to North Idaho in order to further reduce falls, unnecessary hospitalizations and most importantly, keep people in their desired living location.

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Core Values


Have fun with our patients


Open and honest communication with all


Excellence in all we do


Treat all with respect