Frequently asked questions

Yes.  Mobile Therapy is considered outpatient therapy by Medicare thus the cost is the same.  Medicare will pay 80% of your costs and if you have a supplemental insurance, they will pick up the remaining 20%.  As Insurance providers follow Medicare rules, the same applies.  The cost for Mobile Therapy is no different than a stand alone PT clinic.

Home Health is a necessary service that is provided to those patients that are deemed ‘home bound’.  Home Health does a wonderful job of providing necessary care to patients that meet their criteria.  At the point that the patient is no longer ‘home bound’ is where Mobile Therapy can step in and provide the continuing PT should it be needed.  Home Health is billed under Medicare Part A, Outpatient (and Mobile Therapy) is billed under Medicare Part B.  Should you have Insurance instead of Medicare, the same rules apply.  Sometimes, Home Health is limited to providing 1-3 visits per week, where Mobile  Therapy can provide up to 5 visits per week, if it is clinically indicated. 

We do follow all Medicare guidelines thus we do need a physician’s order for PT to begin.  Once you have obtained the PT order from your physician, simply contact us and we will take it from there!  Just as an outpatient PT clinic, we do have some paperwork to get started that will allow us to gather some health and insurance information.  Once we have that, we will set up a time that fits into your schedule.  

We typically schedule appointments in one hour blocks that will allow us to provide the best service for you. Once the evaluation is complete we will map out an appropriate plan that will set you on the path to recovery.  There is no need for you to do anything.  We will bring what we need along with our hands and our creativity and get going on your PT program.

 Right now we are focusing on the Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls and Athol area.

Your typical PT appointment will be between 30 and 60 minutes.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us 24 hours notice.  Please let us know if you will not be home.  If you do not answer your door or phone at the scheduled time, we will think a fall/injury has occurred and call 911.

Pain, balance, stiffness, post-orthopedic rehab, post-stroke rehab, cardiac rehab, long term injury, trouble getting out of bed, trouble reaching, weakness, poor coordination.

Absolutely not. You get the full amount of time allocated to your treatment. It is the therapist’s responsibility to deal with traffic congestion and delays and get to the appointment with you on time.

Yes, we think so. The treatment program that the therapist worked out for you is specific to your needs and home situation. It will still be available to you to use after the Mobile Therapy program ends.