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Therapists Dedicated to doing better

Our therapists have committed their professional lives to serving older adults and allowing them to maximize their full potential. We can do better to allow all of our patients to receive the very best care from beginning to end and are committed to being a part of this. We want to help the older adults in our community to be more active whether it is going to church, going shopping or running a 5K. Filling the cracks in the healthcare system will allow our patients to maximize their recovery and regain the strength, balance, confidence and function they once had. Mobile Therapy allows this to occur in the convenience of your own home which allows you to make the most of your day!

Kip Taylor

Physical Therapist / Owner

Kip earned his Masters in Physical Therapy in 1995 from the University of Miami. His passion for seniors was evident from the very beginning while listening to the ‘living history’ our seniors provide. By treating each person individually, he was recognized as a person with great knowledge and skill that produced excellent outcomes and most importantly, happy patients.

Ultimately rising to Regional Vice President for the largest national post acute provider put him in a position to teach, train and mentor hundreds of therapists at over 200 Skilled Nursing Facilities.  This also took him further and further from his true passion of working with patients.  Kip is excited to get back to working with our seniors to maximize their function and hopefully prevent admissions to hospitals and the very environment he worked in for so long. 

Outside of work, Kip covets family time and because his career took him away for so long, revolves his life around his family.  His wife, Jen, has been a teacher here in CdA for 11 years and brings home wonderful stories from her class every day. Kip has two daughters on the Coeur d’Alene Area Swim Team and enjoys going to their practices and doing his own swim workout alongside them, albeit much slower than them.

Exercise science and physiology has been a passion since college thus spending time running and cycling has become a part of his life.  As you might surmise, triathlons are done annually and he has been fortunate enough to have won three races locally and qualified and been to three separate World Championships, even doing one on a broken leg! 

Kip’s mantra has always been – if you are going to do it, do it right.  Whether restoring his first home, built in 1899 or training for a race, there is a method, tenacity and plan in all that he does. 

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