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Patient Stories

EB was a gem of a patient who was referred to Taylor Mobile Therapy after falling in her Independent Living Apartment a few times. When she was initially referred, she already had a cast on her wrist and had recently fallen and broken some ribs. As anyone who has broken ribs can tell you – it hurts! She was on the verge of being admitted to a SNF (skilled nursing facility) as she was in quite a bit of pain and this was impacting her ability to move, dress, eat, shower and find any comfortable position. The family and MD had trust in my skills and after evaluating her, I informed them I felt it was possible to keep her in her apartment and avoid skilled nursing. In my opinion, this patient initially needed therapy five times a week in order to properly regain her function and reduce her pain. Having worked in the SNF and Home Health settings, I knew that a SNF could offer five times per week, however, most Home Health agencies would not be able to meet that need. That is where Mobile Therapy come in! One of the most rewarding parts of my business is the flexibility I am able to offer. Whether it is five times per week or once every other week, I assess the patient and perform what is necessary. 

I put forth a plan with the MD, patient and family that I felt would allow her to remain in her apartment and avoid a SNF stay. We set forth with the plan and she did wonderful. This 91 year-old was seen five times per week for two weeks, then tapered to three times per week. She regained her strength, her pain diminished and she healed beautifully. Most importantly, she stayed in her apartment, avoiding an admission to a SNF, avoiding the cost of a SNF and staying in a familiar environment. Ultimately, the cast came off of her wrist and I then started working on the wrist to allow that to return to full function. During the entirety of my time with her, I focused on balance in order to improve this area and hopefully prevent further falls. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with EB, listening to stories of the past, learning in more detail about some historical events she had lived through and sharing how my daughters were doing (always a favorite topic). 

Mobile Therapy can be an avenue that provides excellent outcomes, flexibility of care and a lower cost option to society as a whole. In this particular instance, I estimate tens of thousands of dollars were saved by keeping her in her apartment and out of a SNF. Home Health, while providing an outstanding service, in my experience, cannot offer the flexibility that was needed in order to meet the clinical needs of this patient. I look forward to meeting others needs, getting to know them and providing excellent outcomes in the process!